• 6
    Grade 6 Standards
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  • Number
    • 6.N.1
      The student will represent relationships between quantities using ratios, and will useappropriate notations, such as , a to b , and a:b.
    • 6.N.2
      The student will:
      a) represent and determine equivalencies among fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, and percents; and
      b) compare and order positive rational numbers.
    • 6.N.3
      The student will:
      a) identify and represent integers;
      b) compare and order integers; and
      c) identify and describe absolute value of integers.
    • 6.N.4
      The student will recognize and represent patterns with whole number exponents and perfect squares.
  • Statistics & Probability
    • 6.SP.10
      The student, given a practical situation, will:
      a) represent data in a circle graph;
      b) make observations and inferences about data represented in a circle graph; and
      c) compare circle graphs with the same data represented in bar graphs, pictographs, and line plots.
    • 6.SP.11
      The student will:
      a) represent the mean of a data set graphically as the balance point; and
      b) determine the effect on measures of center when a single value of a data set is added, removed, or changed.
  • Patterns, Functions and Algebra
    • 6.PFA.2.12
      The student will:
      a) represent a proportional relationship between two quantities, including those arising from practical situations;
      b) determine the unit rate of a proportional relationship and use it to find a missing value in a ratio table;
      c) determine whether a proportional relationship exists between two quantities; and
      d) make connections between and among representations of a proportional relationship between two quantities using verbal descriptions, ratio tables, and graphs.
    • 6.PFA.2.13
      The student will solve one-step linear equations in one variable, including practical problems that require the solution of a one-step linear equation in one variable.
    • 6.PFA.2.14
      The student will:
      a) represent a practical situation with a linear inequality in one variable; and
      b) solve one-step linear inequalities in one variable, involving addition or subtraction, and graph the solution on a number line.
  • Measurement and Geometry
    • 6.MD.7
      The student will:
      a) derive π (pi);
      b) solve problems, including practical problems, involving circumference and area of a circle; and
      c) solve problems, including practical problems, involving area and perimeter of trianglesand rectangles.
    • 6.MD.8
      The student will:
      a) identify the components of the coordinate plane; and
      b) identify the coordinates of a point and graph ordered pairs in a coordinate plane.
    • 6.MD.9
      The student will determine congruence of segments, angles, and polygons.